It is hard to beat fish and seafood for high protein and low fat. Fish has been shown in study after study to have a positive impact on health, and to lower the risk of heart disease and other diseases. In addition, fish is delicious and easy to prepare. Many nutrition experts recommend eating fish at least once or twice every week. The most nutritious varieties of fish, and those that contain the greatest amounts of heart protecting omega-3 fatty acids, tend to be those that live in cold ...
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Not long ago, one of the members of my health club poked her head in my office for some advice and assistance. Linda was a 46 year old mother of two, and she had been a member for over a year. She had been working out sporadically, with (not surprisingly) sporadic results. On that particular day, she seemed to have enthusiasm and a twinkle in her eye that I hadn’t seen before. "I want to enter a before and after fitness contest called the ―12 week body transformation challenge." I ...
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A highly effective but little-known strategy for controlling medical insurance costs will become a bit less attractive after September 1 when the nation’s leading issuer of medical insurance raises rates for policyholders over age 29. This change primarily affects self-employed individuals who maintained their own health insurance plans after graduation from college. Students who purchase private medical insurance enjoy more liberal coverage than the plans typically offered through ...
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B>By Rebecca Blain of http://www.everything-swimming-pools.com There are many fitness benefits to swimming. By making it seem like the body weighs much less than it actually does, swimming is the perfect alternative for those who are not capable of performing other types of exercises and activities. Individuals with a spinal cord injury, for example, are able to strengthen their muscles through swimming when they may not possess the strength to walk. By establishing exercise routines in the ...
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Lets talk a little about achieving your fitness goal. Everybody finds it hard to arrange time to do various day to day chores or tasks, including your muscle and fitness training. Just follow these steps to help you get more out of each day in your workout routine, or any other part of your life for that matter. These steps will help you achieve your muscle and fitness goal. I have found that the more I struggle with my daily life the harder it is to get anything out of what I do. In other ...
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Lets discuss what I term as 'Muscle and Fitness -- The First Key' In a previous article, I went through the 'Three Keys To Success' in any muscle and fitness regime that you use. Remember -- 'BE - DO - HAVE'? If you missed this article, you can get it here... Fitness Goal If you've read it, here's just a very quick overview of what it was about: 1. Decide what you want to HAVE. What are your goals? 2. Decide what the necessary steps are, that you must DO to reach those goals. 3. Choose what ...
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In business, owners create business plans and marketing plans for the New Year to help set their course for success. This becomes their template to make their dreams and business goals come true. They can then track their progress and make adjustments when necessary to keep themselves on track. But, why not do the same thing if your goal is improved health? Just imagine setting up a real action plan to address what you want to achieve and how you will go about making those goals happen. ...
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Raising the level of dietary fiber, while lowering the amount of fat in your diet, is one of the most effective changes you can make, both in terms of weight loss and overall health and fitness. Unfortunately, most people consume too much fat and not enough fiber, and reversing that trend can be difficult even for the most motivated. A good place to start is by knowing which foods are highest in dietary fiber. Eating a diet rich in these foods is a good way to boost fiber while lowering fat and ...
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When it comes to eating healthy and enjoying a healthier lifestyle, it is hard to overstate the importance of fiber in the diet. Even though fiber is most associated with grains, rice and breads, it is important to remember that fruits and vegetables also contain significant amounts of dietary fiber. In fact, the need for fiber is just one more reason to eat your fruits and vegetables every day. In order to understand why dietary fiber is so important, it is a good idea to know what fiber is ...
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The subject of financial investment is such a wide and varied area. We all know (or should know), that investing surplus funds is a sound idea; nothing new there. If you make the decision to invest, what investment options do you have? 1. Property - unit, house, holiday house, commercial property, a managed property investment fund etc. 2. Shares - stock options, different stock investment sectors such as small capitalisation mining companies, international or local share funds etc. 3. Fixed ...
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